Symptoms Of Whiplash Injuries And Tips To Obtain Compensation For Them

Symptoms of whiplash injuries and tips to obtain compensation for them

Whiplash Settlement

One of the top 10 accident victims’ mistakes is signing a settlement with the insurance company of the party at fault immediately after they have been injured. If you sign an early settlement that will end up your case. The insurance company will no longer be responsible for any medical care or any future maladies as a result of the accident. Signing a compensation agreement early can limit the care that you get. It may not be enough to cover unforeseen problems related to your injury. More information from our car accident lawyer here:

If you don’t want to ruin your case, you should quickly hire a reputable negligence lawyer to handle all your documentation and defense, both in or out of court. Once you do that you can rest easy at night, knowing that you will win the money you need to get the whiplash injury recovery treatment that you really deserve.

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Personal Injury

How to Recognize a Whiplash Injury

Unfortunately, sometimes whiplash injuries are not so easy to detect and you may receive lower compensation, if you cannot prove that you have other injuries than the visible ones. Be aware that you may have a whiplash injury if you identify the following symptoms:

• Neck pain
• Headaches and dizziness
• Pain shoulder between the blades or numbness in the arm or hand
• Blurred vision
• Ringing in the ears
• Fatigue
• Irritability
• Problems with concentration

In order to diagnose such injury your doctor must test you in various ways. This is necessary as the spinal injury symptoms can be delayed. Some of the tests may be:

1) CT scans
2) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
3) Special X-ray tests

Once you have been correctly diagnosed you must act quickly and hire a lawyer to support as well as defend your case. They will help you receive the full and fair whiplash settlement you deserve. If you do not know how to get your litigation started call our car accident lawyer. Not only do we offer a free consultation, but we have a high success rate with whiplash claims.

Seeking Justice for Victims of Wrongful Death

Losing a family member under any circumstance is painful enough. But when that loss has been caused by the negligent, reckless or even criminal actions of another, the pain and the grief and the anger can be overwhelming.
At the Law Offices, we understand that what you’ve lost is not something anyone can put a price on. We know that you would rather have your loved one here with you today. At the same time, pursuing a wrongful death claim can serve important purposes. It offers you the chance to hold the responsible parties accountable. It can help to create a safer world. It provides an opportunity to honor your loved one’s memory by telling the story of who they were and what they meant to you.

In this way, it allows for some measure of justice.

We prepare each case as if a trial will be necessary to achieve a fair result. This sends a strong message to the opposing party that we take your claim seriously and are not willing to accept anything less than you deserve.

Communicating with clarity and honesty; exercising diligence in preparing our cases; vigilantly looking out for and aggressively pursing the best interests of the people and families we represent at all times — these are just a few of the values that guide us.

For more than 30 years, our lawyers have been achieving results on behalf of wrongful death victims in the San Francisco area and throughout California. In a number of cases, we have also represented the residents of other states and nations in personal injury litigation in state and federal courts.

Handling All Cases on a Contingency Basis

Our representation will cost you nothing immediately. In fact, you will only be asked to pay attorney fees if we are able to secure a verdict or settlement on your behalf.

Insurers Taking Advantage of Claimants Without a Lawyer

There are some insurers who will try to take advantage of clients who make a claim without any attorney by using various tactics to manipulate them into accepting a low settlement. Here are some of them:

Deliberately Delaying the Claims Process

  • Failing to return phone calls, ignoring messages and taking several weeks to respond to inquiries.
  • Bouncing the claimant between various staff members.
  • Claiming that the investigation isn’t complete and being slow to request information.
  • Falsely claiming that approval from a higher-up is required to proceed.

Intimidation Tactics

  • Implying that the offered settlement is a “take it or leave it” deal and making up false acceptance deadlines.
  • Falsely claiming that the file will be closed if the insured doesn’t accept the offer.
  • Making veiled threats to discourage claimant from using an attorney.

Not Disclosing Coverage

  • Suggesting to use private health insurance instead.
  • Asking claimant to get rides from friends instead of paying for a rental car as per the policy.
  • Asking claimant to use vacation time or sick leave instead of paying for lost wages.

Deception Tactics

  • Ignoring vehicle damage that isn’t readily apparent in photos.
  • Using biased doctors for medical exams.
  • Fabricating reasons to deny coverage.

Lowball Offers

  • Reducing the value of property damage.
  • Using artificially low liability assessments.
  • Not accounting for all medical expenses and lost wages.

How To Prepare And Manage An Independent Medical Exam

Select the free good specialist. This is the most significant stride in the autonomous therapeutic examination process. On the off chance that your lawyer has not yet recorded suit, your lawyer has some control over the choice of the free good specialist and can arrange the choice. Your attorney can request that the protection transporter gives a few decisions that your agent can explore. Most transporters will consent to give you a few names. Your lawyer may be acquainted with specialists on the rundown and can pick the one with the best notoriety for reasonableness. You lawyer can likewise converse with other experienced individual wounds to figure out their assessments of the specialists. A few doctors will attempt to be impartial and will give comprehensive exams genuinely.

On the off chance that your lawyer has as of now recorded suit, your lawyer will have almost no say in the choice procedure, as most judges will let the protection agent select the doctor, particularly if the physician has qualifications, for example, board accreditation or instructing background. Regardless of the possibility that the specialist has notoriety for being a restorative protection master, judges will incline toward permitting the autonomous therapeutic examination.

Set you up for your free medical analysis. Numerous issues of free therapeutic considerations can be eased with high readiness. Here are a few rules for how your damage lawyer ought to set you up for your examination.

Your agent ought to take a seat with you to go over your medical history. You require a decent comprehension of the inexact dates of past wounds, and the degree of previous injuries or sicknesses that identify with your case. If you forget critical data or are mistaken about respective injuries, the protection lawyer will assault your validity. (“Specialist, the offended party never let you know about the 1991 tumble from her back yard? Would you have considered this vital data?”)

Your lawyer will teach you to be as precise as could be allowed on the historical backdrop of the hastening occasion that is the subject of the case. Your history must be consistent with different segments of the record, including the police report, the account given to crisis staff, or the history gave to your particular doctor.

On the off chance that you experience difficulty recalling dates, spots, times, or different occasions, your lawyer can offer you some assistance with preparing a short update to help you amid the free therapeutic examination. The notice can list the date and place of your mischance, the names, and addresses of the social insurance suppliers who treated you and the times and portrayals of past wounds alongside the name and address of managing suppliers.

Your lawyer ought to teach you frankly and helpful with the doctor. Your agent may likewise request that you record essential things that happened amid the examination, for example, the length of the study; whether any other individual was available, for instance, a medical caretaker, right hand, or advisor; and any comments made by the specialist.

Your lawyer ought to educate you to dress appropriately and be on time. Your lawyer may likewise talk about with you who ought to go with you to the examination.

On the off chance that your wounds were brought about by an engine vehicle crash, the effect of the impact was moderate and available, your lawyer may request that you bring the photograph. In any case, you ought not to speculate the pace or the vehicle unless you have a decent comprehension of how to gauge speed.