January 2019

Understanding the Relationship Between Adjusters and The Defense Counsel

Among most overlooked facts when it comes to the valuation of claims, the relationship that exists between the insurers and the defense counsel takes a top spot. This is mainly an issue that has been witnessed with inexperienced plaintiffs injury attorneys. They believe that the threat issued to any lawsuit makes the adjuster frenzied with fear. Apparently, this is not the truth and the opposite seems more applicable. Small and large carriers are differentiated by their excellent defense counsel. If a file gets to the desk of a defense counsel, this can send the plaintiff into trouble depending on the nature of content to be addressed therein.

Often, the counsel may note some weaknesses, which they will focus on, thereby making it necessary for the case to go to trial for the attainment of a verdict. Therefore, experienced attorneys will know that it is not necessary to issue threats on small cases. A reliable attorney will pay attention to the clues issued by the adjuster during the negotiations. This helps to make the process amicable and a relevant solution is availed. Trying to convince the adjuster to your ways is only aggravating the case, so this is a fact experienced attorneys take seriously.