May 2019

Insurers Taking Advantage of Claimants Without a Lawyer

There are some insurers who will try to take advantage of clients who make a claim without any attorney by using various tactics to manipulate them into accepting a low settlement. Here are some of them:

Deliberately Delaying the Claims Process

  • Failing to return phone calls, ignoring messages and taking several weeks to respond to inquiries.
  • Bouncing the claimant between various staff members.
  • Claiming that the investigation isn’t complete and being slow to request information.
  • Falsely claiming that approval from a higher-up is required to proceed.

Intimidation Tactics

  • Implying that the offered settlement is a “take it or leave it” deal and making up false acceptance deadlines.
  • Falsely claiming that the file will be closed if the insured doesn’t accept the offer.
  • Making veiled threats to discourage claimant from using an attorney.

Not Disclosing Coverage

  • Suggesting to use private health insurance instead.
  • Asking claimant to get rides from friends instead of paying for a rental car as per the policy.
  • Asking claimant to use vacation time or sick leave instead of paying for lost wages.

Deception Tactics

  • Ignoring vehicle damage that isn’t readily apparent in photos.
  • Using biased doctors for medical exams.
  • Fabricating reasons to deny coverage.

Lowball Offers

  • Reducing the value of property damage.
  • Using artificially low liability assessments.
  • Not accounting for all medical expenses and lost wages.