December 2018

Closing Argument of a Lawyer in a Mental Injury Case

After proceedings in a trail are concluded, lawyers representing the two parties may present their closing argument to the jury before the ruling is made. During this argument, your mental injury lawyers may point out important factual and legal issues, like the cause of your psychological or mental injury and the damages it has inflicted on you. Under the law, the defendant is expected to take the victim in the state he/she was in before the accident.

In fact, if you had a pre-existing condition that made you vulnerable to injury than a normal person, then you can claim monetary damages if the condition was aggravated. Your lawyer will use analogies to explain a point during closing argument. For instance, a farmer may be transporting eggs in his truck and accidently hit from behind by another truck and all eggs are broken. The driver of the other truck may argue that if the farmer had carried golf balls instead of eggs, no damage would have been caused.

In this case, the driver’s argument doesn’t hold water. Similarly, the mental injury of a plaintiff would be considered very fragile, and any damage caused to him or her would result in compensation claim.